Please note as of Jan 1st 2021 and Brexit VAT is no longer charged on website for non UK residents. The price will automatically adjust when you select your home country. Under the terms of Brexit agreement and EU laws you will now pay Vat ( at your county rate) on arrival of the goods plus a small duty charge. All VAT and clearance fees show below


VAT 21 % and 5 Euro clearance fee for , Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Germany, Norway , Sweden, Denmark and Finland

VAT 20% and 4.17 Euro clearance fee for , France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia , Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia

VAT 20% and 10 Euro clearance fee for , Austria and Italy

VAT 21% and 2% of goods value clearance fee for Spain

VAT 23% and 5 Euro Clearance fee for Ireland


If you need further info \ help please contact our sales team via email